Ball in The Family Coming Back For Season 4 & How It Has Been a Rare Bright Spot for Facebook Watch (Video)

People want LaVar Ball to lose, but he keep winning.

By putting Ball in the Family on Facebook it has only expanded the brand of the family, especially with younger audiences.

Here is what you can expect from Season 4.

The Balls are back. Lavar, Lonzo, and company are set to return for a fourth season of Ball in the Family on Facebook Watch, beginning Sunday. The show will pick up with Lonzo fitting in on LeBron’s Lakers (Rajon Rondo supposedly makes a cameo at Lonzo’s birthday celebration) and LiAngelo Ball hoping to land in the G League. Meanwhile, LaMelo is returning to high school, attending Spire Academy in Ohio.

Fans clamored for more coverage of the Ball matriarch, Tina, as she recovered her ability to move and talk after a 2017 stroke. So the producers adjusted, figuring out a way to have her do on-camera interviews despite her condition. The audience also successfully lobbied for longer episodes—they were extended by 30% midway through season two.

The result has been a rare bright spot for Facebook Watch. In a CNBC report that the company is turning its focus to older viewers while repositioning its video platform, Facebook reported “Ball in the Family” as a show still capable of attracting younger users, with over 70% of viewers under the age of 35. Mina Lefevre, Facebook Watch’s head of development and programming, said the show ranks near the top in internal metrics like number of views over one minute, average retention, and community engagement.

While more than 13 million people have watched at least one minute of Ball in the Family and 1.7 million users follow the show on Facebook, the diehards spend their time in “Big Ballers – The Official Ball in the Family Group,” which has nearly 70,000 members. More than half of those who have watched an episode don’t follow the NBA or any team on the website, suggesting that the show’s family drama storylines draw in non-sports fans. “The idea of Facebook Watch has always been content that really compels people to have a comment about it … and we’ll give them a tool to do it,” Lefevre said.

Here are some highlights from Season 3.

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