Deontay Wilder Says How God Woke Up Tyson Fury After He Laid Him Out In the 12th Round (Video)

The most thrilling moment of Saturday night’s heavyweight showdown between Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury came in the 12th round when Wilder dropped Fury with so vicious a punch he was laid completely out with his arms on the canvas. And by some miracle, he sat up and got to his feet before the referee could finish the count.

TMZ caught up with Wilder and the WBC champ says God woke up Fury from that punch.

If you’ve seen Wilder’s past fights, you know there’s no coming back from the big right hand. To see his full comments, and a replay of the knockdown, flip the page.

And let us know, who do you think won the fight? Showtime will be reairing the Wilder vs Fury fight on Saturday night. Check your local listings.