BSO Breaking News: Roger Mayweather Arrested On Strangulation Charges

Wild story coming out of Vegas where Roger Mayweather was arrested on charges of coercion with force and battery-strangulation.

Here are the details from Fox 5 in Las Vegas:

LAS VEGAS — Retired professional boxer Roger Mayweather has been arrested on charges of coercion with force and battery-strangulation and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

Mayweather, brother of welterweight Floyd Mayweather, is accused of harassing Melissa St. Vil, at a home he owns on Trotwood Lane in Las Vegas, according to a Metro police arrest report.

Melissa St Vil

Police said they found St. Vil being held by Mayweather and coughing up blood when she was let go. They said paramedics found signs of strangulation on her throat and defense wounds on the side of Mayweather’s face.

Police also said after being struck in the ribs several times and choked to near-unconsciousness, St. Vil fought back with a lamp. A laceration was found on Mayweather’s head, and the lamp was found to have blood on it, the arrest report said.

St. Vil told police she heard Mayweather knock on her door, but she did not answer it. She said as a boxer, she had trained with Mayweather about three months ago, but was now training under new people. She said her roommate was renting the home from Mayweather.

St. Vil said Mayweather has been following her and harassing her.

There is never a dull moment when dealing with the Mayweathers. Roger according to the police went straight Ike Turner on St. Vil. The real question is did HBO 24/7 catch any of this?

Forget the T.O. Show or the Shaq Show the reality show I want to see is “The Mayweathers” they are must see TV.


We now have pictures of the female boxer Roger Mayweather has been accused of strangling Melissa St Vil.

Melissa St Vil6

Melissa St Vil3

Melissa St Vil2


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  • He look like Ike too

  • This dude rob has an ike turner video up lmao

  • I’m prety sure she did something! Most people just don’t snap for no reason at all. Just like Chris Brown. If someone smacked me upside my head with a spiked heel shoe….I’d probably go balistic too! So what’s really going on?!

  • She was just looking for a payday like many others. She knew how to provoke Mayweather because she knew his history. If it was his place she needs to get the fuck out.

  • She didn’t do anything! Roger has control issues and tried to say she couldn’t live with her room mate who was paying rent. Can you imagine your landlord telling you who can and cant stay with you when you’re paying the rent? REALLY?! Its not about provoking Roger, he needs help. He has a history of beating women! He’s a jerk who needs to go to jail for this. What if it was your mother or sister he beat up? It would be a problem then huh?! Yeah, I know.

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