Reggie Miller Exposed By Millionaire Husband..Pimp Focus Not Strong


When your “Pimp Focus” is not strong this is what happens. Reggie Miller is allegedly chasing a woman who is married to a millionaire. Reggie has the game backwards. When you are still an active player in the NBA you could get away with this, but when you are retired, old and hanging out with Marv Albert all the time (I wonder when Reggie is in Marv’s hotel room does he have the urge to look for Woman’s clothes?) your goals should be a little lower.


The millionaire husband totally exposes and upstages Reggie by having a banner flying around Reggie’s neighborhood in essence saying:

“Your money not long enough, step your game up”


I would want to know what this woman looks like that she is causing such a commotion. She has to be loving the attention of two men fighting over her. One being an ex-NBA player and the other her wealthy husband. Her “Pimp Focus” is on point. I can almost guarantee she is one of those Michelle Pfeiffer types from Scarface.


If I was Reggie I would take my “L” like a man and go find some regular nohos who still think he is important.

What we have learned this summer is that it is much better to be embarrassed than to be “McNaired”.


  1. @ Ronald Richards. First of all Alex (He-Bitch for the remainder of this conversation) is indeed a bitch. The reasons that he is a bitch are as follows.

    1. He-Bitch is not married to the woman in question.
    2. He-Bitch instead of getting the situation straight with his woman went after the person that he is not in a relationship with.
    3. He-Bitch hired the plane AFTER he said that the issue was resolved.
    4. He-Bitch has not publicly demeaned his own NON-WIFE even though her involvement is at least the equal of the involvement of Mr. Miller.
    5. He-Bitch is guilty of slander.

    If I were Reggie Miller i’d sue He-Bitch for slander because He-Bitch publicly asserted that Reggie Miller was pursuing a ‘married’ woman when in fact Reggie Miller was NOT pursuing a married woman because HE AIN’T MARRIED TO HER!

    After reviewing my initial comment I see that it doesn’t even matter whether Reggie Miller knew she was his fiance or not because she’s NOT MARRIED and if He-Bitch had a problem than that problem should be between he and his NON-WIFE.

    I may not have all of the fact but I know ‘that’ much.

    Now let’s see if He-Bitch continues to be the bitch that he’s currently let us know that he is by marrying someone who willingly sent text messages back and forth to someone other than her fiance as well as sending provocative images of herself.

  2. LOL!!! Guess "uncontainable spirit" told you "Ronald Richards"! Reggie Miller does look like skeletor though. LOL!!!

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