MidwestSportsFan’s Podcast Feat: Robert Littal Talking Steve McNair Muder

I was honored to be the guest of Jerod Morris (yes the same Jerod Morris who to my understanding was the first blogger ever on ESPN Outside of Lines) CEO of Midwest Sports Fan.

Jerod asked me to be on because of recent new developments in the Steve McNair’s Murder Tragedy that CBS is promising to disclosed on Monday morning.

Once again i am shocked they did not contact me since I had already broken the case (Who Really Murdered Steve McNair? I’ve Broken The Case).

Beyond speaking on my theory about what really happened to McNair, we also had time to talk about my beloved Buckeyes (I am in mourning about our loss) and the effects of Twitter on the how sports are reported these days.

Tell me what you think and definitely check out Midwest Sports Fan because it is an outstanding site.