Police Release String of Text Messages Between Steve McNair & Sahel Kazemi

A couple of things before we get to the text messages. CBS reported that Miss Kazemi had a little more than $2500 in the bank at the time of the murders. The police have confirmed that Miss Kazemi asked McNair to transfer $2000 in her account to help her pay some bills.

Also in the police report it was reported McNair had another girlfriend in Nashville Leah Ignagn and it is inferred that Miss Kazemi had found out about her and possibly could have been hanging out around Miss Ignagn home.

The police seem to think that this supports their theory that Miss Kazemi was spiraling out of control but I have another take on these new developments.

I have a common sense question. If I am stressed about money and paying bills, then someone gives me $2000 to take care of those problems why would I continue to be stressed?

Secondly if I was truly suicidal why would I care if my bills got paid at all? If anything I thinks this supports my contention that she was thinking very clearly.

As far as the second girlfriend, if every woman who found out their boyfriend had a girl on the side went out and murdered their boyfriend the male population would also be extinct. If she did find out, it appears to me she was just checking out the competition which is normal where I come from.

Here are the text messages sent hours before the murders. Read them over and then I will give my thoughts.

Below is the content of text message records police subpoenaed from McNair’s cellphone carrier. The following texts were received by McNair’s phone on July 3. Interviews with friends of McNair’s confirmed that he was actually out at several Nashville bars in the evening hours during this conversation.

Kazemi, 4:04 p.m.: Baby I have to be w u 2nite. I dnt care where

Kazemi, 4:16 p.m.Tell me u gonna be w me

Kazemi, 8:34 p.m.: baby where u gonna be at when I get off

McNair, 8:50 p.m.: I’m at home baby what time u get off

Kazemi, 8:51 p.m.: round 11

Kazemi, 9:10 p.m.: where u gonna be at baby

McNair, 9:15 p.m.: at home til the kids fall asleep

Kazemi, 9:18 p.m.: k ill call when I get off

Kazemi, 10:23 p.m.: do u wanna get out n drink

McNair, 10:35 p.m.: Probably not baby having trouble with the kids getting to sleep

Kazemi, 10:45 p.m.: k im going to the condo in a min

McNair, 10:59 p.m.: ok

Kazemi, 11:28 p.m.: they asleep babe

McNair, 11:34 p.m.: they are on the way

McNair, 12:38 a.m.: On my way

Kazemi, 12:38 a.m.: k

Kazemi, 12:48 a.m.: u want me to open the gate

McNair, 12:52 a.m. (sent twice): No open the front door

Kazemi, 1:14 a.m.: its open

Kazemi, 2:23 a.m.: im going to the store*

Investigators say the last text message appears out of sequence, and it was received by McNair’s phone at 2:23 a.m. but on Kazemi’s phone, there was no time stamp on the message.

For some reason the investigators thinks this strengthen their case, but personally I could pull out my phone right now and show you a similar conversation.

McNair lying about his location is something men do on a daily if not hourly basis. A young lady wanting to see her ex football star boyfriend who just gave her $2000 isn’t unusual.

The only way the police theory works is if she just snapped before she had a chance to think of consequences, but I don’t believe that because when people snap like that it is normally in the heat of the moment not when someone is sleeping on the couch like McNair was.

Also people who snap shoot quickly:


They don’t take the time to shoot someone in the head, wait and then go shoot them in the other side of the head after they are dead.

If anything this leads to more questions than answers.


The CBS video sheds even more light on the horrible investigation but the Nashville Police Department.

The Nashville PD failed to release information that Miss Kazemi and the person she purchased the gun from Adrian Gilliam Jr was in constant contact for days before the murder and that in fact he was the last person she spoke with.

The police had people believing that when she bought the gun from him it was the first time they had ever met.

This case is a sham and I hope the real truth comes out because I think the wrong person is being blamed.

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