Bucks Guard Brandon Jennings “Pimp Focus” is on Pop Singer Ciara

Brandon Jennings has had a decent Rookie Year with the Milwaukee Bucks.  Started off on fire, suffer through a horrible shooting slump and has picked it back up recently.

Jennings though has bigger fish to fry though.  While speaking with GQ Magazine he revealed he has a crush on Ciara (he is taller than Bow Wow so I am sure he has a chance).

Jennings actually broke down how he their first day would go:

First, he’ll fly you to his new, adopted hometown of Milwaukee, where you’ll sit courtside at one of his games. Then he’ll take you out downtown for a nice (but not extravagant) dinner at a steak house called Carnevor, a favorte spot of his. From there, the nightlife options are a bit limited; Jennings, still months away from his twenty-first birthday, can’t get into any of the local clubs. So a movie might be in order — say, “Ninja Assassin?” He’s already seen it, but if you haven’t, he’d watch it again. Or maybe some video games back at his condo?

“We don’t have to be in a rush,” he says. “we can take it step-by-step. Let’s just head out, have fun, and see what happens.”

Young man you need to call the Dean of Nohology asap, because you plan has major flaws, but I am willing to help for a minor fee. Hit me up on the blackberry.

What is it about Ciara and basketball players?

Arron Afflalo of the Nuggets trying to holla via twitter the other day:

@Ciara r u inly allowed to cheer for one nugget lol. Anyway jus wanted to say hi since i walked past you a hundred times this summer

How sweet.

Keep your “Pimp Focus” strong fellas.

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  • Ciara is way out of BJ's league… She needs a dude such as myself in her life. LOL!

  • arron n her should go out do her n 50 still go out

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