Stephon Marbury Wants 2 Million Dollars To Keep Playing In China Cause It Is Cold

I am going to side with Marbury on this one. 

Seriously, because I can’t stand cold weather, someone needs to pay me to keep living in Saint Louis.  Do you know the amount of Vaseline Marbury must has used while playing this year for the Shanxi Zhongyu in China?

According the Hoops Market he is not pleased with his current arrangement:

Former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury has failed to help his new team, Shanxi Zhongyu, to qualify for the CBA play-offs. Marbury has made good numbers in China (23.1 points, 9.4 assists and 6.2 rebounds), but it’s not happy with the cold weather of Shanxi province, and has demanded $2 million to continue next year. Marbury is earning $25K a month right now, since signing for the Chinese team a month and a half ago.

Since he was only being paid $25,000 a month, he obviously needs a more of a financial incentive to stay as well as he has to budget for his Vaseline.

I say give him the two million, so he can buy him a coat or something.  Maybe he can invest in a new web cam for live streaming from China.

Keep fighting the good fight Starbury.

3 thoughts on “Stephon Marbury Wants 2 Million Dollars To Keep Playing In China Cause It Is Cold

  • tell him swallow some more Vaseline, it'll keep him warm.

  • 2 mill a year? He must not need the money, cuz they wont be paying him that.

  • marbury is not worth 2 million,i am a knicks fan he got paid all that money for want he did not help the team

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