California Gun Firm Suing Gilbert Arenas For $70,000

Looks like Gilbert Arenas is not quite done with his gun issues yet.  Gil, who plead guilty to felony gun charges and has to serve 30 days in a halfway house, is being sued by Tactical Operations for $70,000.  Doesn’t that just sound like a place you’d get some heat?

The company, who filed the suit yesterday, says that Agent Zero bought five custom Beretta pistols with silencers and failed to pick them up so the 70k is for storage fees.  My question, and there are always many when Gilbert is involved; why does he need silencers?  You only need those when you are getting ready to “put in work” right?

My first thought reading this was that Gil is a little busy right now getting served nice food like scalloped chicken in his halfway house, but this was from 2006.  Now I know his whole persona is the goofy guy, but come on man; if you wanna get your “Tony Montana” on at least pay for them AND pick them up.

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