Video: Make A Wish Steelers Fan Told “She Said No!” At NFL Draft


One place where Big Ben’s “package exposure” shenanigans will not be happening is NYC.

What was supposed to be a memorable moment for 15 year old Leukemia patient Zachary Hatfield was turned into a Roethlisberger intervention.

As the boy approached the podium donning a Steelers jersey, the draft crowd started an overwhelming “She Said No” chant as if it was Ben himself at the podium.

Roethlisberger better hope he doesn’t get traded to the NFC East because I don’t see him being granted any VIP booths near any bathrooms in any tri-state area club after this.


  1. That's just terrible! Say whatever you want about Roethlisberger, but could you leave the 15 year old terminal cancer patient out of it??? They didn't have to do that.

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