16 Year Old Girl On Lawrence Taylor: I Don’t Want To Ruin His Reputation

It appears the 16 year old former prosititue likes talking to the media.  Yesterday, she spoke about how she ended up in her situation in the first place.  Today, she is speaking specifically on Lawrence Taylor.  Pigskinlovinglady.com has the details:

The baby-faced hooker Lawrence Taylor is accused of raping said Monday night she hadn’t recognized the Giants great and now doesn’t want to “ruin his reputation.”

The 16-year-old said Taylor was no brute – but not very charming, either.

“He paid me $300 cash to have sex with him,” said the petite, curly-haired teen whose pimp brought her to LT’s hotel room. “I got it over with as quickly as I could. Afterward, all he said was turn off the TV before you leave.”

“I was a huge Giant fan,” she said, “and I used to look up to him.” She added, “I don’t want to ruin his reputation,” despite what happened in the hotel room.

The teen said the door to Taylor’s room was open when she arrived that night.

“I walked in and it was dark,” she said. “The only light was coming from the TVs in the living room and the bedroom. Lawrence Taylor was naked. We made some small conversation at the start.

“I didn’t know who he was and he didn’t tell me his name, either. He just said he was from Miami.

“He asked my age, and I told him I was 19,” said the girl, who looks considerably younger. “I knew what I was there for, and if I didn’t give him what he wanted, there would be consequences from Rasheed. I was afraid.”

The teenager said she had another concern. “The condom got stuck in me,” she said. “I told him, ‘I’d better not get pregnant,’ and he said, ‘It’s all right – I’m fixed.’”

I am not going to rehash what I wrote about in detail yesterday regarding how I feel about LT’s case (you can read it here), but it is pretty clear now what happened and the only crime LT should be charged for is paying for sex.

If there was a crime for stupidity and being a dirty old man he should be charged with that as well.

Once again – I am very aware of the laws, but he didn’t rape anyone, he wasn’t aware of the girls age, he wasn’t aware of her injuries, and the girl herself says it is Rasheed Davis, her pimp, that is the real criminal.

The young lady says she wants to go back to school, get her GED, and become a pediatrician.

Hope it all works for her and hopefully the prosecutor in this case does the right thing in regard to the charges against Taylor.

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