Lawrence Taylor’s Alleged Victim Told Him She Was 19 has uncovered FBI documents (don’t ask me how they got FBI documents) giving more details on what actually happened in that Holiday Inn.  Here are the details:

The 16-year-old girl who allegedly had sex with Lawrence Taylor for $300 told cops that her pimp instructed her to tell the NFL great she was 19 years old, this according to federal documents obtained by TMZ.

The FBI is now investigating alleged pimp Rasheed Davis — on suspicion of human sex trafficking … a federal violation.

According to the federal criminal complaint, an FBI agent assigned to the case claims Davis had “caused” the 16-year-old to “engage in multiple commercial sex acts with various individuals” … and even “set the prices.”

The FBI agent also claims that Davis had taken several “almost nude” photographs of the girl on his cell phone in order to obtain customers.

In the docs, the FBI agent claims Davis had sent the girl text messages instructing her to have sex with a client (Lawrence Taylor) on May 5th — but the girl refused.

So, according to the agent, Davis physically assaulted her “in an effort to coerce [the victim] into participating in a commercial sex act.”

According to the agent, Davis then instructed the victim to tell Lawrence Taylor that she was 19 and charge him $300 for sex.

I am not shocked by this; nothing that the police said during their press conference lead anyone to believe that Taylor thought the young woman was underage.

To be perfectly honest, Taylor was caught in the middle of a bad situation.  There is a 16 year old girl who is being pimped out and obviously trying to extract herself from the situation.  The assault by the pimp and her visit to Taylor’s room were the tipping points for her to reach out for help.

If Taylor wasn’t the last person she saw before getting in contact with her family and authorities, none of this would be happening.

From the TMZ report, Taylor was not the first man she engaged in these activities with but, alas, the cops will not be tracking down each and every one of these men and charging them with statutory rape.

This is a lesson that all men can learn from.  It simply isn’t smart to be dealing with “Street Pimps” and prostitution (remember even if she wasn’t underage it is still illegal).  Also if any woman says she is 18, 19 or even 20, you might want to see that drivers license before engaging in any sexual activites.  There are laws in several states that state it doesn’t matter if the sex is consensual or not, and it doesn’t matter if the young woman lied about her age – if you get caught you can be charged.

“Ignorance is not a defense”

That should be hung on the wall of every man in America.

Lawrence Taylor is learning that the hard way.

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  • why did LT lawyer say over & over he didn't have consentual sex but LT admitted to having sex?

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