Matt Barnes is Not Pleased With Shaunie O’Neal & Basketball Wives, Takes it to Twitter

Before we  get started, let me just give this Public Service Announcement.

Back in my day, if you had a problem with someone, you didn’t go to Twitter, Facebook, or any other forum; you talked to them directly in their face.

Women do this all the time, so I just “JaMarcus Shrug” it, but as a man you look like a “Moist Dude” if you are whining, crying, moaning, and bitching to a bunch of girls on Twitter.

Which brings us to Orlando Magic guard Matt Barnes.Barnes is mad at how he and his “grade changing” (read about how Gloria was arrested in cash for grades scam) fiancée Gloria Govan were being portrayed on the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives (listen to Barnes go off on the show).

Barnes decided to take his beef to Twitter to call out Shaunie O’Neal and the rest of the BBall girls.  This is very similar to a woman who willingly makes a sex tape with a guy, then the guy releases the tape and all of a sudden the girl is on YouTube talking about how “lame” the guy is.

The point being, if you and your woman were a part of the show, you are just like the people you are talking about.  Don’t be that guy in the glass house with a couple of bricks in your hands.

Barnes knows his woman isn’t as “innocent” as she claims to be, and as far as Barnes — let me quote Jay-Z when I say:

“You know who, did you know what, with you know who, but just keep that between me and you.”

Stop being a “moist dude,” stop arguing with women on Twitter, and work on trying to figure out why JJ Redick is a better player than you.

4 thoughts on “Matt Barnes is Not Pleased With Shaunie O’Neal & Basketball Wives, Takes it to Twitter

  • I tried to tell him

  • He should sue

  • Matt-needs to really suck a FAT ONE and recant all that crap he said about Shaunie and the other girls because his baby momma (title) because he haven’t married the groupie yet is the messiest one on the show. How are they going to kick it with Shaunie all up in HER face and up in HER house while knowing that his baby momma’s sister is sleeping with Shaq. Just FOUL !! UUgh his baby momma has gotten on my damn nerves talking about how she rides with her hoe ass sister. But she wants to talk crap about Royce !! What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong get some morale and tell your sister she is trash and she is messy. But back to Matt – your baby momma is a felon …Gloria was ARRESTED in 2007. She was charged with part of a ring that hacked into the University Of Cali. computer system – and was getting money from students to have their grades changed. She was charged with a felony. Matt and Dirk Nowitzki knows how to pick the groupies with FELONIES — VH1 need to do a show about dumbass basketball players and their felony groupie baby momma drama.

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