Video: Fedor Emelianenko Gets Choked Out By Fabricio Werdum


I will be first to admit I am not a “MMA Fan.” I’ve tried to get into it and I have enough knowledge to not sound like an idiot when I am talking about it, but for the most part I kind of “Jamarcus Shrug” it.

With that being said, I was always intrigued by Fedor Emelinanenko.

Mainly because he looks like a plumber, he looks like he is ready to take a nap as he is walking into the ring, and he doesn’t look athletic.  He never fit the part of the destroyer, but every time he got into the ring he was knocking people out.

He had an aura about him.

Last night didn’t start any differently.  Within the first few seconds of the his match against Fabricio Werdum, Fedor landed a solid combination, Fabricio was a bit off balance and fell to the mat.

Fedor went in for the kill, but was a little too anxious, got caught in a triangle choke hold, and just like that … the aura was gone.

MMA is like boxing; eventually, even if you are the best, you get hit with the “Tarver Punch” or in this case the “Fabricio Choke.”  I am curious to see how Fedor responds.


  1. Werdum was not off balance at all. He flopped to his back and baited Fedor into his guard. Fedor obliged him and the rest is history.

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