Michael Vick Gets $15-22,000 To Appear At a Club?

Think about this logically.

You were in jail for two years.

While you are in jail you lose all of your money.

You didn’t just lose your money, you end up owing a lot of  people money.

You get a job, but the salary is not enough to get you out of debt and any money you do make a portion has to go to the creditors first.

If you had an opportunity to to make 20gs under the table without anyone knowing  (especially your creditors) would you take that money even if it might jeopardize your career?

If you believe these figures from SoSickWithIt.com that is what Michael Vick has been doing over the last year.

While reviewing what your favorite rapper and reality show lady gets to make a club appearance, Michael Vick name popped up.

If you are to take it at face value Vick gets at minimum $15,000 to just have his name linked to a club appearance.

You can do the math.

Five “All-White Parties” and that is a quick $75,000 easy.  Hard to turn down when the court is watching all of your legit funds even if attending those type of parties can be hazardous to your pro career.

Just food for thought.


You didn’t think he just put his name on the flyer for free did you?  While there is probably no way to confirm this, it would be naive to think Vick is not getting a substantial amount to do as many “club events” as he was linked to over the summer.

Of course a couple of other names were of interest to me.

Pinky the Porn Star gets 4gs.

Ocho’s Ultimate Catch Girls get 1g.

The O’Jays get 80k for a club show (good for them).

You can peep the entire list below:

4 thoughts on “Michael Vick Gets $15-22,000 To Appear At a Club?

  • He no showed for a club down in Ft. Lauderdale. Kept the money and now the club is closed.

  • Rob, now why would you just ASSUME that Vick is reporting something like this that is PUBLIC? No need to kick the man while he's down.

  • the ojays..straigt baaaaaaaaaaaaalllin

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