Pics: Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin Love Suite at Lady Gaga Concert

Cowboys training camp officially starts on Saturday, so before Miles goes to work he has to spend some time with his break lamp partner Kim Kardashian right?

According to my sources (Stephen A. would be pleased) Kimmy and Miles were doing the date thing in Big D today and decided to end their night at the Lady Gaga concert.

Looks like they have some good seats as they were caught going to their suite by @Hotmodelpcruz (follow her she is a hottie herself).

I have been told from my insiders (Ric Bucher would be pleased) that a suite at the American Airlines has “love couches”.

I can’t confirm or deny that Dirk and his fake baby momma ever used one of those “couches”, but I digress.

What does this mean for Cowboys’ fan?

It depends if you believe in the “Kardashian Charm” the more she is around the better, but if they are still scarred by the “Jessica Simpson” curse they have to be feeling a bit uneasy.

On a sidenote every time I post a Kardashian the ad revenue goes up, so I am hoping to marry one by 2012.


I was informed by a reader than no Kim Kardashian post should not have a photo gallery, so here you go.

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