The Feds and the Police Now Investigating Michael Vick

I knew it was just a matter of time, because when there are holes in your story and possible lies in your alibi, that is when law enforcement gets curious.

If you tell the truth from the beginning it is less likely police will further investigate something, but when things don’t quite add up that is when they start digging.

The saying goes:


The police are citing “new evidence” and “new witnesses” as their reasoning for looking into the matter further.

I just don’t understand how Vick – who has already spent two years in prison and lost virtually three years of his NFL career – would even dare put any misinformation out there  to anyone.

ProFootballTalk has the details:

Buried in the report from Marcus Hayes of the Philadelphia Daily News that Virginia Beach police have taken a renewed interest in Eagles quarterback Mike Vick in connection with last week’s birthday bash bang-bang incident is word of another potentially troubling development.

Per Hayes, Vick’s federal probation officer is investigating the situation as well.

Though proof beyond a reasonable doubt would be needed to pin responsibility on Vick for criminal involvement in the shooting of Quanis Phillips, a lower standard applies to the question of whether Vick violated the terms of his dogfighting probation by associating with Phillips or any other convicted felon.

Vick needs to get his story together and it needs to be accurate.  Even if he went WWE-style and hit his co-defendant over the head with a chair, he needs to come clean.

He has already proven that he is awful at trying to cover things up, so my advice to him is just be honest and hope for the best.

Also, don’t advertise any more parties on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • The Feds don't lose…he REALLY needs to get his act together…tell Marcus he needs to sing like a carnary….it's time for his brother to step up for HIM…


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