Vernon Davis and Aaron Maybin Parties With Strippers in Puerto Rico


Summer is the time for vacations.  Most people pack up their family and head to some great vacation spot. Or, if you’re San Francisco 49er Vernon Davis and Buffalo Bills Aaron Maybin, you pack up a group of strippers and head to Puerto Rico.  “They flew a group of strippers from the DC area down to party with them,” the source told

Davis and Maybin took the vacation earlier this month.  It sounds and looks like a good time was had by all. “There were major parties going on in the house, with lots of vodka drinks flowing.” the source stated. From my understanding, ‘partying’ in stripper world varies a little from Webster’s definition. I have a feeling that they got to know one another like Adam knew Eve, if you catch my drift.

Now some pictures of the vacation have surfaced. This isn’t the first time these types of parties have taken place with NFL players and we know it won’t be the last.   We all remember the infamous party boat on Lake Minnetonka.  One  of these days athletes will learn, if you don’t want your business on the internet for the entire world to see, STAY AWAY FROM CELL PHONE CAMERAS.

This event should’ve taken place sans cell phones.  Check them at the door and get a ticket, like coat check. Cell phone cameras should be on the topic of the next rookie symposium.

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