Chad OchoCinco Debuts Cereal Brand: Ochocincos


Didn’t take Chad long to figure out a way to make some quick cash to pay off that $25,000 fine.

Soon you will be able to  purchase “Ochocincos” Cereal at Kroger Marketplace store in Newport, KY, and online at PLBSports starting September 7th.

Here is what PLBSports had to say:

“Chad is a great personality, and with his involvement in social media and his interaction with the fans, he was an athlete that we were very excited to work with,” said PLB Sports President Ty Ballou. “One way or another, America has learned and is continuing to learn more about Chad Ochocinco off the field, and they’re finding out how great he is. Who wouldn’t want to share a breakfast table with him?”

Looks like Ghetto Cheerios to me, so I will stick to my old school Frosted Flakes.

But can’t knock the hustle.


  1. Rob…. You just passed up the opportunity to rip Ochocinco to shreds, and you just passed it up. Why?

    • Wait!! Look at that picture – Ocho is bathing in my cereal – that is not a good image there. I don't need to be eating those running the risk of getting #85's jock itch.

  2. This is just hilarious…only u chad baby…only u!! They just can't keep a brutha down, may make him trip, stumble, fumble, but never fall!! Kudos!

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