Darnell Dockett Once Again Proves Why Twitter Isn’t For Everyone

Lets just be honest.

Twitter is great for NFL Players since a lot of their fans only know the jersey number and not who is behind the helmet.

It isn’t like the NBA or MLB where the athletes’ face is always in front of the camera.

Twitter makes players like Martellus Bennett think they have haters and players like Darnell Dockett think they are funny.

It is their right as Americans to be on twitter, showering on Ustream and pimp “nohos” via DM.

All that I ask if before you tweet, just think about what you are tweeting.

I get that Darnell Dockett is just trying to be comical when he mocks Glen Coffee decision to retire because he felt a higher calling with Christ.

But show a little class.

Someone shouldn’t be ridiculed for thinking that have a higher purpose in life than playing Monday Night Football, but maybe I am giving Dockett too much credit, because that would require using his brain for more than tweets and fighting his own quarterback.

And while Dockett is a very good player I don’t think many if any players are worried about him retiring them.


5 thoughts on “Darnell Dockett Once Again Proves Why Twitter Isn’t For Everyone

  • not that serious Bob

    • Moist on Dockett's part

      • I disagree.. Dockett is like a throwback to the old-fashioned defensive players who talk a lotta trash and can back it up on the field. Dude won points by being one of the first to speak up about the Haynesworth holdout. granted, he's a damn fool, but no part of this seems moist. I also don't think what he said was offensive– if Glen Coffee did read it I'm sure he had a chuckle, knowing that if he did decide to come back he couldn't wait to settle it on the field.

        This is what the NBA needs more– instead of the slumber parties that LeBron is having with Bosh and Wade giggling about free agency in 2010.

  • All the more reason they get smashed twice again this year.
    somebody must be reading all the press about the 49ers winning the NFC West.

    • Funny

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