Michael Strahan: “There’s Only 1 Team in NY…G-MEN”

Michael Strahan, NY Giants legend and future Hall Of Famer, has weighed in on Jets. First he tweeted: “Watching hardknocks for the first time. Makes me want to suit up and whip the jets!! Lol” Some Jets fan didn’t take to kindly to it(see stream)…Strahan then responded to Jets fans.

Ready? He tweeted: “For the Jets fans that are upset by my statement.. don’t be!! I feel that way about all other teams.. But there’s only 1 team in ny. G-MEN.”

I chuckle. I wrote article detailing some of the antagonism between Jets and Giants. Summary: one franchise has been good(Giants), the other(Jets) not so much. Strahan is only adding fuel to the fire of the battle for NY/NJ. You know what though, he didn’t say anything groundbreaking. Most of us probably have these feelings. Of course, when you broadcast ideas your ideas and are a major football analyst you become target. Some writer or player is going to take this as a major slight and blow it out of proportion. So we might have Rex Ryan & Michael Strahan beef soon, who knows? It’ll be entertaining no doubt, both are arguably biggest personalities in either franchise’s history.

In any case, blah. I just want to see teams play real ball. Can Jets back up big talk and can Giants gain redemption after a miserable season last year? We will see…

Now Michael getting in fake fight….

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2 thoughts on “Michael Strahan: “There’s Only 1 Team in NY…G-MEN”

  • Its just trash talk all in good spirits though. This happens all the time, from the locker room, to the practice, to the field and beyond. No offense should be taken, unless you are seriously that disconnected with the sports world. In that case, carry on.

  • Don't the Jets need to WIN a few before it becomes a rivalry?

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