Roger Clemens To Be Indicted For Perjury

Poor Roger Clemens, he’s had a string of bad news lately.  Last week he learned that he lost his appeal of the defamation lawsuit against his former trainer Brian McNamee. Now, the New York Times reports he about to be indicted on charges of making false statements to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs.

If you can remember(you may have mis-remembered), in Feburary 2008, Clemens and McNamee testified in front of a Congressional committee about steroids. This was after the Mitchell Report specifically named Roger Clemens as using other performance enhancing drugs while playing Major League Baseball.

Sorry Roger, this doesn’t bode well for you.  The Feds don’t lose, they have a 99% conviction rate. The only thing that stands between Barry Bonds and a federal prison is Greg Anderson. It’s obvious that you didn’t instill that type of loyalty in your trainer. I’m quite sure that situation has them pretty upset, they may just take it out on you.

I will give this advice, get a new lawyer.  Other than play up to the cameras, Rusty Hardin hasn’t done you a bit of good.  He didn’t advise you correctly in front of Congress and that lawsuit against the key figure that’s testifying against you is dead in the water.  Seek new counsel, but don’t get the lawyer Nas or Plexico had.

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5 thoughts on “Roger Clemens To Be Indicted For Perjury

  • I bet after all of this, he still doesn't get any jail time.

  • These professional athletes need to start being smarter. Denying the steroids is never going to work. 1) You're Lying. 2) You aren't gaining any sympathy from media.

    If this guy was really smart, he'd concoct a story about how he needed to do it to improve his stats due to pressure (adding a few tears and sniffs here and there wont hurt either), and that he only took it during 1 season. Get some sympathy points man, admit to SOMETHING. People go for that stuff. But the more you deny it, the more you compound the situation.

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