Anonymous Jets Player on Braylon Edwards: “Some People Can’t Handle Success”

I want to point out that I hate the “Anonymous Player” quotes for three reasons:

  1. Speaking to the media isn’t going to help anything.
  2. If you have something to say, you should be man enough to go on record.
  3. If you are man enough to go on record, you should be man enough to say it to your teammates face.

With that being said, read the quotes below by an unnamed Jets player.  It is hard not to agree with them:

“It’s ridiculous,” the player said.  “First, we have a program in place to prevent this exact thing.  Second, he’s in a contract year and if he can’t keep his nose clean this year, how about when he gets a new contract?  He has money to call for a ride.

“It’s unacceptable because now his teammates have to answer questions on that instead of focusing on Miami.  Some people can’t handle a little success. . . .  We just started putting that reporter stuff behind us, and now this.  They should fine him to the max.  This is just stupid.”

That pretty much sums it nicely.

I have a source that isn’t a Jets player, but who knows Braylon Edwards and his entourage very well, here is what they had to say:

“This is karma, he has been an idiot by nature since he was 12. He is just now  being held accountable for his behavior which is generally reckless. He thinks he is Super N****”

The consensus seems to be that Edwards, similar to a lot of athletes don’t understand how good they really have it.

You would think after watching what happened to Plaxico Burress, Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger and others they would be a little more wise in their decision making.

It seems to me at least, the decision making is getting worse around the professional sports leagues, not better.

Only thing I can say to that:


4 thoughts on “Anonymous Jets Player on Braylon Edwards: “Some People Can’t Handle Success”

  • What a shame, Being a city kid I understand how having too much candy warps the perception, but this is also a reflection on how a talented athlete gets pampered, covered for ect all for the sake of victory's and money. That is the crime. The other part is the entourage, the MTV life style, having your boys, the gangster mentality we condone creates these guys.
    But what is sadder no matter how this turns out somebody will take him

  • STALLWORTH KILLS A HUMAN BEING DRIVING DRUNK, a team member ,of Braylon. Edwards, yet he drives drunk with members of his new team the jets, no problem , no one was killed, the NFL tells the Pittsburg Steelers that the QB cannot play for 4 weeks because he was a bad boy, but the NFL says it is alright to drive drunk, being a fan of football what the hell is going on drive drunk maybe kill someone , play football, act like a jerk , steelers QB, can not play for 4 weeks, please tell me what is worse!!!!, Edwards plays sunday for being an a–hole, the NFL OWNERS SHOULD LOCK OUT THE PLAYERS NEXT YEAR BECAUSE THE OWNERS MAY BE BILLONAIRES BUT MOST OF THE PLAYERS ARE CHILDERN, WHO DO NOT DESERVE THE FANS RESPECT!

  • Who cares? They are mostly criminals and I am glad there are sports to keep them off the streets at least for part of the time…

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