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Bears Fan Calls Packers S Nick Collins “N-Word” Provoking Altercation

by Robert Littal | Posted on Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
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Details are a bit sketchy, but according to Fox 6 Sports (pic curtesy of them as well) in Milwaukee this is what happened (you can look at all the tweets below).

Nick Collins was spit on by fan and called the “N-Word”.  This caused Collins to throw something at the fan, but before it could go any further Donald Driver tackled him to make sure nothing else happened (Driver is a good teammate).

While you can’t be running into the stands and throwing stuff at fans, if the story happened the way it is being reported I have no issues with what Collins did.

Even if Collins went into the stands ala Ron Artest I wouldn’t have any issues with.

Fans pay good money and it is their right as Americans to boo, trash talk, say you suck and etc, but spitting and racial epithets is taking it too far.  I am not a violent person, but if someone spits on me I am not just going to walk away.

Collins had an understandable reaction and he should thank Driver for understanding that even if he was within his right to punch the fan in the jaw, that for the greater good of the Packers and for himself it was best he walked away.

I would hope that the Bears organization would find out who the fan is and have his season tickets revoked.  There is a big difference between being a fan and being a racist A-hole and there is no need for those type of people to be at NFL Stadiums.


The NFL is looking into the incident and Sports By Brooks has identified the fan, if you know who he is, please let us know.

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  1. @BxBomber12 says:

    Collins was sensitive after loss. He needs thicker skin. Retaliating against someone who probably half your size is never good. Yea he could have asked security to restrain guy and could have filed a criminal complaint with cops but what good would that do. A few more hours in Chicago filing reports and what not, for what? They had a bad loss and best thing is to get out of town. Now the worse thing is since he responded and and since people know now, the heckling is going to get that much worse. So he's going to have bring ear plugs next year when they play there because fans will be merciless.
    And no, not defending guy, just saying it's a losing battle dealing with hecklers. Best thing is to ignore them unless you know, they get in your face with a weapon or throw something dangerous at you, then your in the right to defend yourself, but i digress.

    Now, more importantly, what would you have done besides walk away?It would not be wise to go into the stands, especially Bears vs packers, one of the most historic rivalries in all or sports. Assuming you were Nick Collins and could jump into stands, you'd be vastly outnumbered and swiftly beaten by a sea of blue and orange bears fans. They are freshly off the winning high and what better way to cap such a glorious night than to beat down an opposing player in the stands….

    And to quote you, Collins was being a Moist dude by responding. He need to take it like a man and keep moving.

  2. @BxBomber12 says: <-JJ Reddick heckled video and don't even get me started on black soccer players playing in England and Spain. Nick Collins has no idea what heckling is…..

  3. jslade2886 says:

    Ok let me spit in yo face and see how you like it

  4. @BxBomber12 says:

    First, who spits on anybody??? Chicks spit, dudes throw fist. That being said, If you had a problem with me and you threw first punch LIKE A MAN we'd scrap, real talk. I'm reasonable and know laws but no punk.

    That being said, NFL field and stands is not the real world. Apples and oranges buddy. And if you read my second comment PLEASE do some research, by far worse things have been done to athletes. Unfortunate that it happened to collins, yes, out of this world surprise and disdain that it happened, no. Things happen in sports stadium that don't happen anywhere else. Being famous makes you a star and you get treatment bad or good. Fans are fans, what else needs to be said.

    Now lets say you were in Nick Collins cleats,(a multi-million dollar probowl athlete getting paid to do what we all sport rejects hoped we could), you've been heckled all game probably and just lost a heatbreaker and someone just spit at you. Yea you're going to lose your mind but you cant honestly say you'd go into the stands. Everyone has the image of Ron Artest emblazoned in our memory that faithful event called the malice at the palace. Knowing he was suspended w/o pay for the rest of the season and how that reputation followed him for a long time, would you even contemplate going into the stands. I'm not even mentioning the NFL's and Godell's personal conduct policy. One step into the stands and that most likely means a suspension, possibly w/o pay, and teams being wary of signing you for PR reasons. Would a few droplets of spittle be worth millions and possibly your career? For the me and majority of the athletes the choice seems simple, no retaliation. Don't forget, Mike Vick was heckled one game and all he did was stick middle fingers at the end and what happened, he was fined. If your brave enough to throw away millions of dollars to reinforce some faulty macho persona, by all means, do it. I wouldn't.

    And this goes without saying, if the Packers had won, want to know how Collins would have responded…. By wiping spit of forehead and pointing at the scoreboard like a G, haha. Winning cures all ills.

  5. Daniel says:

    bxbomber12…you’re a p**y.

  6. Bears Fan says:

    Sometimes you have to be the bigger man, If he did spit on him and if he did call him the N word thats what the cops and security are there for. let them know and they would take care of the idiot in question

  7. @BxBomber12 says:

    -_- really thats all you got? What towns do you guys live in?

  8. Jimmy says:

    that's what security is for, Nick Collins needs to be the professional one. he has too much to lose! The fan getting Collins riled up is what the fan wanted to do. Alert security and prosecute that fan!

  9. Damon says:

    so black men aren't suppose to mess with girls of other races because you said so?

  10. AL Jones says:

    true dat myrus

  11. thebestofthedarkside says:

    I'm not letting anyone spit in my face…including a man. I may not win, but I'd be dammed if you're not gonna disrespect me and not know my wrath.

    Second, I can't be with a man that would allow that to happen and not do anything. After that, I'm looking at you and wondering how much would you allow to happen to me?? He's a professional athlete, but a man first. Manhood, it's what's for dinner.

    Some of ya'll need to some dinner….

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