Breaking News: New York Jets & Darrelle Revis Agree on Contract

Shockingly someone (it was me) said this would get done before the season.

These type of things 99 out of 100 times get worked out.

The million dollar question (no pun intended) is who got the better of the deal.  A couple of things we know for sure.

  1. Revis will be a very rich man.
  2. This will be the focused of the series finale of Hard Knocks.

The Jets have no excuses now, they have told the world they are a Super Bowl team, not they have to back up the talk.

Can’t use Revis anymore as a scapegoat.

As for Revis he has boasted and reminded us he is “best” cornerback in the NFL.  He will be paid as the best, so I am expecting to see Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson and Michael Haynes type seasons from here on out.

Remember the only corner that you can say single handily made the difference in a team going to the Super Bowl or not was Deion Sanders, even those teams (94 49ers and 95 Cowboys) were just missing one piece and were already loaded.

Should be interesting.

2 thoughts on “Breaking News: New York Jets & Darrelle Revis Agree on Contract

  • I am still not a believer in the Jets. For a team that has accomplished nothing, they sure do talk a lot. Yes, I know they won a couple of playoff games and led the Colts in the AFC title game into the 2nd half, but I am still not ready to take them seriously until their QB is able to turn their passing game into a legit weapon. It is fine to lock down WRs, run the ball and play good defense, but this is a passing league. If your team's passing game isn't a weapon that is feared, it is very unlikely that team is SB caliber. From a talent standpoint, the Jets have one of the best rosters in the league. I love their offensive line and their defense. But, their QB threw 20 picks last year. It is very difficult for me to believe Sanchez is going to make that giant of a step to the SB stage. Even with a faulty pass rush, I still believe the Pats are more than capable of putting the Jets in their place.

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