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Ryan Clark Begging For Followers On Twitter..Throwing Subliminals at OchoCinco

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
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One of the twitter rules everyone should follow is this:

Don’t beg for followers

Doesn’t matter if you are a Myspace Model, Sports Blogger or a Steelers safety.

The premise of twitter is that people follow you because you are interesting, when you have to barter for followers, in essence you bribing people for attention.

That is a female trait, when men  do that it is considered “moist” like tendencies.

On top of that you show yoru jealousy over another player having a lot of followers and being more popular than you by making “subliminal tweets”.

That doesn’t just make you moist, that makes you a “Mo Williams Dude”.

TheNFLChick.com breaks down how Steelers safety Ryan Clark is getting his “Moist Mo” on.

(Check out the jealous tweets Clark shoots at Chad Ocho Cinco)

Clark is offering a signed autograph jersey to his 10,000th follower and tickets to a game if he can get to 20,000.  Because according to him he needs more followers.

Why anyone would want a Clark autograph jersey is beyond me, not like he is Troy Polamalu.

It seems Clark is going a little “Mo Williams”, because Ocho has the fame outside of football that he is desperately seeking.

In essence Ocho is Bobby Brown and Clark is Ricky Bell, probably listening to “Can You Stand The Rain” right now looking at his follower count.

Memo to Clark, maybe people aren’t following you because you just aren’t that interesting, just a thought.

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