Cowboys Report Fractured Left Clavicle for Tony Romo

You might not like Tony Romo or you might not think he is a franchise quarterback, but the facts are without him the Cowboys are not going anywhere close to the playoffs or even a winning season.

It is too much to ask a 65 year Jon Kitna to dig them out of this hole.

A fractured clavicle is not something you come back from in a week or two.

If you hope for the best 6-10 weeks, at worst he is done for the season.  Either way the Boys might just want to chalk this up to a lost season.

They will fire Wade Phillips at the end of the year, bring in a big time head coach and hope for the best, but right now the Cowboys are like Chingy off the map.

Danny White is not walking through that door.

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  • Somewhat related… they probably should have drafted Max Hall (Cardinals QB) he's Danny White's nephew.

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