Video: Dwight Howard Getting His Rick James On

When he isn’t suing his the mother of his child Royce Reed, Howard is a pretty fun loving guy.

Here he is interrupting a local Magic reporter with a Rick James wig on and showing why he should never give up his day job to become a singer.

Hopefully the summer sessions with Hakeem Olajuwon were taken a bit more seriously, because it is time for him to take that next step in the evolution of being the next great big man.

Right now he is a very very good player, but his legacy is built more on the dunk contests than dominating performances. The Magic have an uphill battle because almost every team in the East has upgraded their roster and the Magic didn’t do much (the curse of Vince Carter isn’t helping).

Howard has to take on a more dominant role on the offensive end of the court.

Block shots and rebounds aren’t going to get it done anymore. He should be averaging 20 shots a game and dominating the post. If he doesn’t, the Magic won’t just be stuck in neutral— they will be taking a step back and that is nothing to joke about.

Thanks to the @jose3030 for providing the video.