Video: HBO’s Bill Maher Delivers Professional Ether to Brett Favre

He used the phrase “Lil Favre”, so I will be expecting my check in the mail (I will also accept Paypal).

Maher believes this is the downfall of the “White Male Species”.

So he uses “Lil Favre” to speak on what is wrong with white men in our society and then flips it into some sort of political stance that I have no interest in.

Just the fact that “Lil Favre” is being used as a political tool should let you know that no one is safe. Not Brett Favre, not Tiger Woods, not your boss, not your neighbor and not even you.

Before you send or say anything online or via your phone I want you to think yourself:

“If someone approached this person with $10,000 to give up this information would they do it?”

If you have to think about, don’t send, don’t tweet, don’t leave voicemails, don’t change Facebook status and etc.

I am trying to save you, you have been warned.

9 thoughts on “Video: HBO’s Bill Maher Delivers Professional Ether to Brett Favre

  • Oh Bill, you just can't stand it if you can't get a Sara Palin jab in can you.

  • bill needs a trip in the mississippi swamps.

  • its not even been proved its his dick you twit. so if he did send email, he didnt say come on over and fu…man you people get one bit of gossip and you destroy a mans life. no sex envolved, just inuindos.if he flirted so what. if he doesnt get fined or charged with anything, will he use the sam e amount of time to say sorry little brett.

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