Braylon Edwards Cries Over Cleveland

Unlike Lebron when Braylon Edwards left Cleveland no one really cared, if anything they helped him with the moving boxes.

Edwards hasn’t gotten over it and went on a rant as the Jets prepare to meet Cleveland this Sunday:

“I remember the comments, I remember the writers, I remember the fans, I remember the coaches, I remember the people in the organization,” Edwards told Bob Glauber of Newsday. “I remember everything and everybody there that had something to say when 17 exited the doors.”

“I’m going to have to control myself, because at the end of the day, it’s a bitter rivalry,” Edwards said. (Is he saying Edwards vs. Cleveland is a bitter rivalry? Jets-Browns doesn’t exactly have a rich history.)

“For the people that don’t like me, I share the same feeling. I don’t like them as well. I could give you a B.S. answer, but the short and skinny of it is that I’m going back there to handle business.”

I think Edwards is overestimating how much Cleveland cares about him.

Sort of like Hammer putting out a diss record against Jay Z, it is more humorous that serious. I don’t think Braylon vs. the Browns is on the same level as say Michigan vs. Ohio State.

At least he is motivated though and that could be good for the Jets if he is entirely focused on the game and not what scarf he is going to wear afterwards.

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