Cavaliers Fans Given “Chant” Sheet To Know When to Boo Lebron James

I didn’t know you needed a cheat sheet to boo someone, but at least they are organized.

You can read the PDF version of the “Chant” sheet here.

Here is the Cliff Notes version:

Throughout the game:
Whenever LeBron is introduced, laugh as loud as you can
Wade – Boo
Bosh- Boo
Arroyo – Boo
Z – (We’d encourage Cheering)
LeBron – Laugh as loud as you can

I like the way Big Z is spared—here is my favorite part though:

Start of Third Quarter
To the tune of “My Country Tis of Thee”
Our King he betrayed Thee
Couldn’t play any ‘D’
He has no RING!
Playoffs He Barely Tried
Embarrassed Akrons Pride
No Doubt he really lied
(Repeat as Necessary)

I am laughing at “Repeat As Necessary”. I give the crew at Cavs_Chants credit as it appears they put a lot of thought into this.

What is also ironic (and I am not sure if it is done on purpose), is the PDF is in Comic Sans font, the same font that Cavs’ Owner Dan Gilbert sent his “ether” letter accusing Lebron of being a backstabber.

As more and more stories come out about how the entire Cavs organization bowed down to the King, people are starting to understand why Gilbert was so heated.

Thursday night’s game is definitely must see TV, but not even for the game, but more for the soap opera feel to the whole situation. If Victor Newman showed up, I wouldn’t be surprised.

For the city of Cleveland, this is their NBA Finals Game 7—if they win, they will hold onto it for years. But if they lose, well at least they have Peyton Hillis.

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  • Damn you know Victor Newman Homie??? Thought it was just me. LOL

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