Eva Longoria Caught Tony Paker Because He Left His Computer Unlocked?

I don’t know how many times I have to tell guys you have to have “NASA” like security on all their electronic devices.

Cell phones, laptops, Ipads, Digital camera and etc.

If it can be turned on you need to have some sort of security on it.

My boy was busted once for having too much porn on his DVR, women are detectives at a Batman level, don’t help them.  Here are the details on how Parker got caught allegedly:

“Tony had Erin’s personal information stored in an electronic program that only he could access,” a source familiar with the situation told RadarOnline.com. “But one day he forgot to close the program and that’s when Eva found it.

“It was a double shot for her because not only did she find all the information but Eva also realized immediately that Tony had taken steps to hide it from her.

“The fact that Tony had been hiding Erin’s information and their correspondence made Eva feel like he had been lying to her for months, and basically he had been.”

It appears Parker was trying to have Top Flight Security of the World, but just forgot to lock it up, which is a common mistake among men.

I had a friend miss a flight once because he remember he left his laptop unlocked before he left for the airport and his girlfriend would be at his place.

Just pay attention fellas, if you are going to cheat, do it professionally no slip ups.

3 thoughts on “Eva Longoria Caught Tony Paker Because He Left His Computer Unlocked?

  • Well, why do you keep searching then? If you keep doing it obviously you don't trust him. Who's really insecure? Why would you be embarrassed that you didn't catch your husband? Shouldn't you feel good he's being honest and loyal?

  • The fact that you were inspector gadget speaks to the fact you thought it was happening.

    Either your husband is in the small percentage of faithful men in the world which is wonderful or you are a bad detective

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