Pics: New Cast of VH1 Reality Show Basketball Wives Revealed

Honestly I didn’t think they would make it to a second season, but the drama levels were high enough to warrant it. Plus the ratings I have been told were very strong, so no matter how many young ladies say they aren’t interesting in it, they are watching.

I would imagine a lot of guys are watching too, because a lot of men are “drama kings” as well.

The cast has changed up a little bit from last year here are the details:

VH1’s Basketball Wives returns for Season 2 with 12 1-hour episodes featuring returning cast members: Shaunie O’Neal, Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed, Evelyn Lozada, Suzie Ketcham and Gloria Govan.  They will be joined by new chicks Tami Roman (also of MTV’s “Real World: Los Angeles Season 2”), Juli Richmond, Kimberli Russell, and Ashley Walker.

According to Vh1, we can expect “…secrets revealed, public brawls at charity events, new romances, a Vegas secret that could potentially leave one of the ladies out of the ring for good, a possible end to a high-profile marriage, and the return of an ex.”

Half of the young ladies are new lead by Real World vet and Kenny Anderson self esteem killer Tami Roman. No word if David from the Real World will be making an appearance under the covers.

Normally I watch the debut show, make some twitter jokes and go about my business. I know Ocho Cinco will be on a few shows I might check out, but beyond that, you know what it is, so no need to sugarcoat it.

Just a bunch of women making up some fake drama, for a television audience who are very thirsty for this type of stuff. More power to them, it is a hustle, some do better than others.

Here is the trailer for this foolishness and pics of the individual young ladies.

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  • You are a great person Tami. I hope that people around you would be able to see that. We love you Tami!! Continue inspiring people.

  • Tami is an inspiration to a lot of women. I really adore her. You are a strong woman Tami. Continue inspiring us. We love you and the show. The show is great with a real person in it.

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