Tim Tebow’s Memoir Coming to a Bookstore Near You



Tebow does have a lot of time on his hands.  While all the other rookie Quarterbacks are playing, Tebow has been reading Scriptures from the bench.

I always find it funny when young people have biographies and memoirs, but when there is money to be made what does it matter if you are still a virgin ALLEGEDLY.

There should be a rule that you can’t write a memoir until you break lamps, but I digress.

TheNFLChick.com has all the non sordid details about about Tebow’s book:

If you’re a Florida Gators fan or a Tim Tebow fan (of which I am both), then get ready for April, 2011. The Denver Broncos QB will have his memoir, “Through My Eyes”, published. The book, co-written by Nathan Whitaker, will reveal how Tebow constantly strives to be the best, overcoming the odds and how he has managed to do so while remaining true to his faith and family values.

“I am extremely excited about the opportunity to share my story of faith, family and football,” said Tebow, ‘”and look forward to taking readers inside my life, both on and off the field. As a kid, you always dream of becoming something great. Whether that dream is to become an astronaut, a famous musician, the CEO of a large company, the President, an NFL Quarterback or anything else, you will undoubtedly face all kinds of adversity on your journey. This is my story about how I was able to fulfill my dream and I hope it can inspire people of all ages that are aspiring to fulfill their dreams.”

“Through My Eyes” sounds like a Taylor Swift song, Kanye just tried to interrupt this post.

You know what the name of Colt McCoy’s memoirs?


Tim Tebow is a good guy, if this book helps people strive to be better people more power to him, but he is going to have to start making some noise on the field if he wants to push his product.

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