Tracy McGrady on Wade & Lebron: “They Are Terrible Together”

Who knew Tracy McGrady would be the voice of reason?

The #1 reason why I never thought Lebron would take his talents to South Beach is because two alpha dogs who are both wing players in their prime have worked in the NBA.

Furthermore, the consensus #1 or #2 best player in the league has never went freely to another team where in that city he was seen as a clear cut #2.

Too many egos involved.

I mistakenly thought Lebron realizing this would change his game to a more Magic style, but I was way off with that since Lebron has made it clear he has no intention of being a facilitator.

McGrady points out what everyone is seeing, that when Lebron and Wade are on the court, they aren’t meshing well to put it kindly.

“When they’re on the court together,” McGrady says, “they’re terrible.”

McGrady isn’t saying LeBron and Wade are terrible as individual players but rather that the chemistry between the two isn’t good.

“Him and D-Wade don’t complement each other,” McGrady said. “They’re somewhat the same type of players, ‘Bron and D-Wade.

Both of those guys need the ball and they don’t shoot the ball like Ray Allen. That’s why they’re having trouble scoring in the halfcourt because they can’t get a rhythm, because one of them is dominating the ball. That guy might be getting off, but the other guy (isn’t).

“That’s why when they’re on the court together, they’re terrible. They’re rhythm players that need the ball

McGrady believes like most people that if Lebron wanted to stay the King, he should have went to Chicago or New York where the players complemented his skill set more.

Until someone backs down or they get a coach who will force Lebron to play a different role, they will struggle.

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  • So far this experiment has been a disaster

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