Jenn Sterger to Meet With Roger Goodell..Playboy Pics Revealed

I figure the conversation between Roger Goodell and Jenn Sterger would go something like this:

RG- When Favre sent you the pics why didn’t you report it?

JS- I get pics like that everyday sir.

RG- Did you feel you were being harassed?

JS- No more than when Ben Roethlisberger sent me his package.

RG- Why are you coming out now?

JS- Since the a**holes I trusted at Deadspin made a big production out of it, I feel I should get something out of the deal.

RG- Like what?

JS- I don’t know, some of Favre’s cash, a job in your office or a Playboy shoot?

RG- Jenn you already did Playboy, BSO has the pictures from back in the day:



JS- Ohh I forgot about those, since I take so many naked pics.

RG- May I see?


A ruling could come down sometime this week on this whole situation. While I do think Favre is a dirty old man, I don’t think he sexually harassed anyone. If Miss Sterger was really offended, she would have told the Jets, not Deadspin.

Furthermore, she or should I say her lawyers only cared about Favre being disciplined after they came to the conclusion that Favre wasn’t going to make it rain on her.

It is actions like these that make it harder for legitimate sexual harassment claims to be taken seriously.

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  • Agreed. This woman is pathetic.

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