Peyton Hillis Traded From Broncos Because He Hit on Josh McDaniels’ Wife?



That would be like Tony Parker styling mixed in with a little Delonte West.  Unlike the West story, whose source was someone’s drunk uncle, this one has some more credible individuals backing up the story.

Mark Schlereth and Alfred Williams, who claimed on 104.3 the Fan today that it has long been common knowledge within the Broncos organization. Apparently, the story goes that Hillis – who is a single bachelor about town – made the moves on McDaniels wife, Laura shortly after they got to Denver.

It’s unclear whether or not Peyton actually knew who he was hitting on, but regardless, McDaniels supposedly got wind of it, and that was all she wrote for Hillis.

If true, I will give Hillis the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t know he was making the moves on his head coach’s wife.  Considering at the time Hillis roster spot was shaky at best, doesn’t seem like something a smart man would do.

Then again I wouldn’t think Tony Parker would be sending “Lil Favre” pics to Brent Barry’s lady or Shaq would be shacking up with Flavor of Love winner.

Wonder if Kobe ever gave a wink to Jeanie Buss?  Maybe asked her if she ever wanted to “crossover”.

The trade worked out well for Hillis who is going to end up in the Pro Bowl, McDaniels on the other hand not so much.

If McDaniels was that upset could that mean his wife Laura wanted Hillis to take her cornbread?

3 thoughts on “Peyton Hillis Traded From Broncos Because He Hit on Josh McDaniels’ Wife?

  • WTF is going on??? No respect

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