Pics: Floyd Mayweather’s Fiance Shantel Jackson


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I can be oblivious to a lot of things because honestly I am not paying attention.  When we did the story about Floyd Mayweather going off on Top Flight Security of the World (watch the video here) I commented on the vehicle he was driving in.

Here is what I said:

One last thing I know he is pushing hard for his artist Miss Jackson, but that is never going to blow up, so he might has well sell that SUV.

After I posted that someone close to the Mayweather team email me to let me know that Miss Jackson isn’t an “artist” she is a “Model/Actress” and that she is actually Floyd’s fiance’.

Shockingly, I could not find any movies that Miss Jackson has starred in, but I am sure there are some things under production.

Floyd may not have good relationships with Top Flight Security, but at least his choice in ladies is pretty good sans the Drake Eyebrows.

She takes a pretty picture whoever her photographer is should get a raise he takes a lovely photo, I can see Floyd spared no expense.

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  • She's fine…..

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  • Man, I’d put my seed in her!

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