Video: Cavs Assistant Coach Jamahl Mosley Tells Lebron STFU

Lebron went back to Cleveland and took the Cavs cornbread, dinner, wives, girlfriend, mistresses, Bone Thugs N Harmony CDs and Mark Price’s Short Shorts.

Cavs players who talked a good game before the tip off about how this wasn’t just another game and how they were going to be intense, ended up like so many Cleveland teams before them— they let their fans down.

Basically Cleveland sports fans are Charlie Brown and Cleveland Sports Franchises are Lucy. They tell Chuck this time is going to be different and every time they pull the football away from them.

Lebron was the the hot girlfriend that broke up with because you aren’t on her level and you tell all your boys when you see her again you are going to curse her out.

When you finally do see her with her new better looking boyfriend, you step up puff your chest out and say:

“Ummmm hey Lizz ummmm you want some punch.”

Jamahl Mosley though wasn’t having that.

As Lebron was yapping at the Cavs bench, he politely tells him to shut the f*ck up.

Maybe Mosley should have suited up because the rest of the Cavs played like garbage and embarrassed themselves in front of a huge audience.

They should all Fade to Turkey with Allen Iverson including their leader “Moist” Mo Williams.

Williams who was the main one saying this is like their Super Bowl, had the following stat line.

2-8 11 points 6 assists and 4 turnovers

Very similar stats to his playoff ones and one of the main reasons Lebron took his talents to South Beach.

Even though he knows deep in his heart that Lebron hurt him like he was on a MTV 16 and Pregnant special, he tries to act tough when Lebron tried to give him some dap.

But a picture is worth a 1000 words, and you can see his heart breaking like Whitney Houston finding out her crack dealer just got locked up.

After they game they asked Lebron if he wanted to say he was sorry for the way he left Cleveland.

His answer:

“I’m not apologizing.”

I like Villain Lebron aka the Green Hairline Goblin.

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