CBS Refuses To Air NFLPA “Let Them Play” Ad

Remember “Playmakers”?

It was a show on ESPN about the lives of NFL players off the field and it was deadly accurate in its assessment.  The NFL didn’t like the way the show portrayed the league even though it was fictional and basically told ESPN if you want to continue to broadcast NFL games the show better be canceled and it was.

So I am not surprised that CBS won’t show an ad that is against the NFL.

CBS rejected the National Football League Players Association’s “Let Them Play” ad which was supposed to air Feb. 5 on the CBS College Sports Network.

The commercial depicts life without football and features several players, including NFLPA president Kevin Mawae, and fans saying, “Let us play” or “Let them play.”

You have to understand how much control the NFL has over the networks. So much control that the networks will pay the owners even if there is no season.

In the immortal words of Kanye West.