Freddie Mitchell Speaks on 4th and 26 and We Think He is Drunk

Mentally I think there is something wrong with Freddie Mitchell.

At first I thought Fred Ex was just a cartoon character persona and that he didn’t really believe a lot of the stuff he said.  Because no one could be this delusional and not be in an insane asylum.

Philly Sports Daily caught up with Mitchell as the seven year anniversary of the 4th and 26 conversion that lead to an improbable  playoff win for the Eagles over the Packers.

I am going to let you read Mitchell’s recollection of that play.  You might want to sit down.

You know that play is a love-hate play for me because that was the first time they threw to me the whole friggin’ game. I was blocking my ass off doing everything it took, doing the stuff that society doesn’t recognize.

That whole year sucked for me, and the next year sucked even more. But anyway…

I actually had to go tell the coaches that I was wide open and to throw me the ball. The coaches literally had to talk into Donovan’s headset and tell him I was wide open and to throw it to me.

I started reading the defense as soon as I got to the line of scrimmage. For most guys, it takes a lot of years to read defenses like that.

The name of the play was a 2 Jet Double Go. What it does is sends Pinkston and Thrash on “Go” routes and what I do, as the Sultan of Slot, is I read the middle. I had to take a certain angle that most young receivers wouldn’t have taken. Any other angle and it would have been a bum play. I was the master of finding holes, and I knew right where the hole would be. It was money.

First of all Donovan’s pass was behind me and it was wobbly, but I had to take advantage of the opportunity that was presented to me. Right when I caught the pill, I kind of knew I had the yardage right away. I looked at the sticks and to see where I was at and I knew I got it. I felt like Michael Jordan hitting a last-second shot or Tiger Woods sinking a 50-foot putt.

This is how much of a team player I am: I came to the podium afterward and said, “We don’t need fate when we have 5.” Man I blew him up! And that was the headlines in the papers…Meanwhile I’m dealing with him not throwing me the ball, and me being on my knee pads to help him out.



Lets take a look at the play:

I have no clue what “angle” Mitchell is talking about no one was within 10 yards of him as he ran down the middle. Secondly if McNabb didn’t throw the ball a little behind him, Mitchell would have gotten jacked up and the pass probably would have been intercepted.

If Mitchell was always so open why are these his career statistics:

90 Catches, 1263 yards and 5 TDs in five years.

We get on T.O., Ocho, Moss, Brandon Marshall etc etc, but at least they are good players to back up their talk, Mitchell wasn’t even average.

I think he is on drugs, no one can be this deep in the Matrix, he is like in the 12th level of Inception and it doesn’t appear any type of “kick” will bring him back from limbo.

9 thoughts on “Freddie Mitchell Speaks on 4th and 26 and We Think He is Drunk

  • Freddie Mitchell is my least favorite Eagles player of all time. He was a first rounder that didn't even play like a 7th rounder. The guy was a BUM.

    When he left the Eagles, he got a shot at KC, but they realized how much of a fraud he was. Mitchell claimed to have a "neck injury", when we all know he just flat out was garbage.

    His diatribe isn't even funny. I pity this guy…

  • I think this is the guy Patti Stanger will help find a date on the MIllionaire Matchmaker next week. If so should be interesting.

    • @Sherrybaby – I was thinking the same thing when I saw the picture, dude is still sporting crazyazz hair LOL – if so it will be a must see episode!!! Good luck with that one Patti!

  • This one play is/was Freddies claim to fame and he'll never let it go….he'll be holding on to 4th & 26 for the rest of his life…damn shame…..why doesn't he mention how the patriots shut his sorry behind down in the superbowl….

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