Homeowner Association Files Lawsuit Against Floyd Mayweather

Everyone is coming after Floyd even his neighbors.

I didn’t even think it was possible for a Homeowner Association to file suit against a tenant unless he was burning houses down or something.

Learn something new everyday:

Southern Highlands Estates filed a complaint Tuesday in Clark County District Court seeking $10,000 in damages and an injunction against the 33-year-old Mayweather.

The Las Vegas Sun reports the injunction would require Mayweather to stay inside his vehicle, show identification and refrain from threatening and harassing security at the community entrance.

The lawsuit alleges that Mayweather has “repeatedly engaged in hostile, harassing and threatening behavior toward and against certain employees and security personnel employees…including but not limited to, threatening the life of a patrol officer, physically accosting a security officer, refusing to provide identity to gate officers” since October.

Did this really need a lawsuit?

They could have just sent a letter or talked at the next homeowner’s meeting.  True, Floyd is a little rough on Top Flight Security of the World, but if I paid 10 million for my house, I would expect a level of respect from the employees.

From what I can gather Top Flight Security is egging Floyd on, he isn’t that bright for falling for it, but it isn’t that serious.  If he had just fought Pacquiao none of this would have happened.