Video: Bart Scott on Patriots Defense: “They Can’t Stop a Nose Bleed”


In a lot of religions before you can become a Priest, Reverend or Cecil Newton, you have to be an apprentice. You have to learn from a preacher above you.

Bart Scott learned from Ray Lewis.

A must admit, his sermon above is better than most of Reverend Ray’s sermons we have heard in the last few years. Lewis taught Scott well.

Everything Scott was saying was true and the emotion was real. The Jets Defense was AMAZING, Bart Scott though not so much.

The Linebacker that ESPN should have been interviewing and who should be getting the props is David Harris (even though he was caught by Alge Crumpler on that INT return).

David Harris: 12 Tackles, 2 Pass Breakups and INT

Bart Scott: 2 Tackles total

Scott maybe a good talker, but he is an average linebacker, so I want to make sure that David Harris gets the attention he deserves, because in reality he is the one being disrespected by not getting the proper attention from the media just looking for a good sound bite.

See you tomorrow on BSO…….

CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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