Kansas Suspended Tyshawn Taylor & Marisha Brown For Sex Under The Bleachers?

There are a lot of reasons to suspend college basketball players. Stealing laptops, DUI, drug use, cheating in classroom and etc.

But getting frisky at the Arena?

That doesn’t seem like an offense that warrants a suspension. Maybe a lecture, but not a suspension. Sports By Brooks connects the dots on suspended Kansas basketball players Tyshawn Taylor and Marisha Brown.

Monday morning the University of Kansas announced the “indefinite” suspensions of men’s basketball player Tyshawn Taylor and women’s basketball player Marisha Brown in separate press releases sent out to the media less than an hour apart.

Later Monday night, ESPN’s Holly Rowe reported what Taylor told her about the suspension.

“I said, ‘Tyshawn what did you do?’

“He said, ‘I was a bad kid.’

“I said, ‘how long will the suspension be?’

“He said, ‘It’s not anything major.”

From two Kansas media sources, I was told this morning that Taylor and Brown were allegedly discovered playing a little unauthorized 1-on-1 inside Allen Fieldhouse.

It is just like the movie “Love and Basketball” except Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan didn’t get suspended and Epps went on to coach the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Kansas shouldn’t try to deny young love, but Taylor and Brown should get a room or is that a NCAA violation as well?

10 thoughts on “Kansas Suspended Tyshawn Taylor & Marisha Brown For Sex Under The Bleachers?

  • Come on Tyshawn & Marisha…take it to the dorm room…I guess they couldn't wait…had to get it in right thurr…..

  • Rob, I don't understand, in the real world, if you get caught sexin in a public or private area, you get arrested and some ppl even get the label as a sex offender on their record for doing it. I call that a pretty serious punishment. Who wants to be labeled as a sex offender? So why wouldn't this warrant a suspension?

    • Kids have sex all over campus, maybe cause I went to Ohio State I don't see this as a big deal.

      To be honest most people who have sex in a bar or something don't go to jail they just get kicked out and it wasn't like they were having sex while the game was going on.

      Cut them some slack they are young and horny it happens

      • True, I agree with everything you said, but people's lives have been ruined for less. Especially young kids in the spotlight. Honestly, if I was the coach I wouldn't even be mad at him for doing that, I'd suspend him just on the fact that he got caught.

  • I was on the Honors Board at my undergrad (Mississippi State) and I had access to the honors building so naturally I used to get it there during study breaks.

    • A little head to get ahead?? Nice!!

  • C'mon Tyshawn, get a room!! LOL!!

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