Video: Kobe Bryant Throws Towel In Lamar Odom’s Face After Missed FTs


Lamar Odom had a chance to ice the game yesterday against Oklahoma City, but he bricked two free throws that gave the Thunder an opportunity to tie the game (both three point attempts failed by OKC).

You could say Kobe wasn’t pleased and showed his displeasure by throwing a towel in Odom’s face.

A bush league move by Kobe considering he hasn’t always taken the best shots or made the proper play. If you want to to get him to snap out of his funk from missing the free throws that is fine, but throwing a towel is pretty demeaning. Odom isn’t a ball boy.

Odom with his cornbread taken, decided not to do anything.

Which depending on your perspective on life was the adult thing to do or he punked out. Lakers fan probably happy about this because it shows even in a juvenile way that the Lakers are gearing up for playoffs.

I know who thing for sure and this is a 100% guarantee.

Kobe wouldn’t throw a towel in Khloe Kardashian’s face, she would beat him down.


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