BSO Model of the Week: Candy Girl Brooke Bailey

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Brooke Bailey

Candy Girls on E! was really the first show of it’s kind. How do you feel when you see other shows like the Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives biting a bit off what you, young ladies started?

I’m actually happy that we were able to pave the way for more shows of the same nature. It’s entertainment no matter how ratchet things may seem. We as women have played a large part in hip hop & have played the silent back seat passenger for so long. So it’s nice to put a voice/personality with a face. Or just to hear the other side of the story.

You have done a few music videos, how you you feel about being describe as a “Video Vixen”, do you take it as a compliment or a put down?

I don’t take it as a compliment or a put down. That description has been around long before I entered the business. If I’m called that it’s not bad because the general population doesn’t even know where the 2 words stem from. They only use it as a description because they associate you with co-starring in music videos.

How much reality is in reality TV?

It’s just like anyone’s everyday life. If I wake up & go to the mall the objective is to spend money. So once the scenario is put together I walk in and whatever takes place is my reality. There has to be a story line to keep the interest going. Without a story line believe it or not some people would just be boring. Bottom line we didn’t use a script!

How do you handle the stereotypes and perception that video models or just models in general are groupies and gold diggers?

I don’t handle it at all. I chose this business so sometimes I might have to show people more than others that, that is not my MO. The thing about it with me is whether I was working in this industry or not I wouldn’t be with a broke ni**a. Why would I? I’m not broke.

I’m surrounded with people from all walks of life that all types of different things to offer. I consider myself and asset & not a liability! Groupie? There are lots of them for every category/profession. I’ve never gotten excited about what most consider stars or because I know his money is long. I like who I like & date who I want, period!

May we talk about the “Thirst” for a minute? In this new age of social media do you feel men are doing too much to get your attention and could you give advice on how you prefer to be approached by a man who is interested in you?

Of course we can. I have to laugh because thirst is at a all time high right now. For men & women. What people don’t realize when approaching someone that you feel like might be a little outta your league they’re still equal to you as a person. Beauty on the outside doesn’t define the amount of thirst that you should exude. I like men that are themselves with a personality with a little ruff around the edges. I’m very approachable that doesn’t mean that your going to walk away a winner. *giggle*

You were doing a very entertaining radio show for awhile The Candy Shop with fellow model VANESSA VEASLEY what is the current status of that?

Yes, we were and it was a lot of fun. We have plans on bringing the show back. We both have been working on a lot of projects and as soon as the smoke clears we want to get it back rolling.

You have a lot of twitter followers (over 14k) does it ever get to the point it is too much to deal with all the messages that are coming into you and how do you deal with those who constantly bring negativity to your timeline?

I do and I love it. I think it is a great way for me to keep an interaction with the people that are interested in me and my work or just everyday life. I answer who and what I want so I don’t feel any pressure. Believe it or not I don’t get a lot of negativity. When I do depending on my mood I’ll either ignore it or entertain it. They talked about Jesus so I’m not gonna cry if they talk about me.

You have been a target of WSHH before and other gossip blogs, do you feel that it is fair because you are a public figure or do you feel whatever the situation is you should be entitled to more privacy and not have a video or picture spread out for the world to see?

If you would have asked me this question at the start of my career I would have said “it’s not fair & I want my privacy” but at this stage in my life I understand that no matter what I do, who I date, what fights I have in the streets someone is going to see it whether it ends up on a site or just being the talk of the neighborhood.

I’m interesting to people because of the work I’ve done and the people I hang out with. The more they think They know about you the better. It’s like my life is a reality show without being televised. I’m comfortable with it. But, I do try my beat to keep my personal life personal. Family, who I’m dating, etc. Those are things that I have never threw out there.

In the rap world many times women are treated as object, was there ever a time you felt disrespected enough to walk away from a job?

Never! I’m from South Central Los Angeles & I know that I carry myself in a professional manner when working. I don’t play that attitude also is seen a mile away. So I’ve never had to walk away from any job! I’ve always been given and showed the upmost respect because that’s what my presence demands.

10- As we get closer to summer what can we look forward to seeing from you for the rest of the year?

I have a spread in Smooth mag. That is on stands now. Hopefully you’ll see me in a couple more publications. Of course the radio show with Vanessa Veasley. Anything else you can keep up with on twitter @iheartbrooke because in this industry you never know what tomorrow brings.


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