Greg McElroy Says He is More Prepared for NFL than Cam Newton

Before you starting yelling and screaming at the your laptop, read the actual quote from McElroy when he was asked who was better prepared to play quarterback in the NFL.

“I say me,” McElroy said. “Obviously, my talent level has a much lower ceiling than Cam. That’s fair, and I respect and understand that. But I don’t think I’m the only guy in the NFL that might have that same problem — I don’t think Peyton Manning is as athletic as Cam.

“As far as understanding and processing information . . . five years down the road will he be a more productive player than me? That remains to be seen,” McElroy said. “I think with my experience in the pro-style offense, my ability to drop back from under center, make checks from the line of scrimmage without looking at the sideline, all of those things play in my corner as far as being very prepared to make the transition to the next level.”

He isn’t lying.

The million dollar question is when the physical talent is so immense like it is with Cameron Newton, does any of what McElroy is saying matters?

I think it does, for McElroy does he have enough physical talent to match up with his mental abilities.  It is obvious he is bright kid (48 out of 50 on the Wonderlic exam), but did you ever think while watching him at Alabama that he would be a upper level NFL quarterback?

I like he is attitude though and he seems to have a grasp on what he has to do to be successful, but right now it doesn’t matter if Cam is calling himself is an ICON or McElroy speaking on running pro style offense, we will only know when they get out on the field.

2 thoughts on “Greg McElroy Says He is More Prepared for NFL than Cam Newton

  • Oh please. McElroy is an average QB trying to promote his average QB skills to raise his draft stock. So in his passive aggressive way, he throws another player under the bus by insulting and condescending and you people act like he's so "confident", UNLIKE Newton's comment, within the context of PROMOTING A PRODUCT FOR UA. McElroy is getting a pass because he's a white kid. It's pretty insulting for you especially to gin up this McElroy who played in the SAME SEC DIVISION AS NEWTON!! LOL, the SEC RUNS THE SAMM DAMM OFFENSE/DEFENSE!! So please spare me the b.s. of McElroy's skills. McElroy was CARRIED by Ingram,Richardson,Jones, and Marcell. Please stop the b.s.

    BTW, McElroy is taking a page right out of his daddy's boss' book of OVERSELLING YOURSELF courtesy of Jerry Jones. What an elitist!

    And you do yourself no favors by praising McELroy's Wonderlic score when Marino, Kelly, Brady, Manning, Bradshaw, McNabb, Williams, et. all are Hall of Fame QB's who scored lower than 48 on the test. Manning, Brady, McNabb, and Williams will be Hall of Fame 1st ballot

    The press, 90% of whites are hyping this average QB up as something he's not. McElroy comment's were arrogant, slick, and he did nothing but pad his resume. No one was talking about him during the Combine. Did he even have an interview shown on the NFL Network?

    McElroy's stats don't match his words. When he plays a down in the NFL, he's still a ROOKIE with NO NFL EXPERIENCE ON THE FIELD. LOL @ the hysterical delusion of the white media trying to hype this average QB as the next coming.

    • Nothing he said was out of line, doesn't mean he will be better.

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