Live Report: Lebron James Goes Altered Beast on The Hawks


In 1998, I was able to catch a Bulls game, and I had never seen Michael Jordan play in person.  When Jordan came out on the floor, the whole vibe changed in the arena and this was on the road in Cleveland (ironic isn’t it).

I have went to many NBA games since then, and only when I saw Kobe Bryant play that I felt that type of shift in vibe in a road arena crowd.

Until last night when Lebron James stepped on the floor against the Hawks.

He totally took over the building, and that was before he dropped 43 points in three quarters (he sat out the entire fourth in a blow out).

He may have decided to go the Superfriends route by teaming up with D Wade and Avatar Bosh, but there is no question who who is THE STAR.

For you youngins who have no idea what “Altered Beast” is, check the video below, great game on Sega Genesis.


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