Pics: Christina Fierro The 16 Year Old Prostitute in the Lawrence Taylor Case


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“I am not a prostitute,” Fierro said. “I am a victim and I am hurting. I don’t think the sentence given to Mr. Taylor is fair.”

Miss Fierro is a victim, but it is Gloria Allred who is taking advantage of her, not Lawrence Taylor.

Lawrence Taylor is a dirty old man and his comments after his sentencing confirm that he has demons that will never go away, but there is no need to sugarcoat what is going on.

Miss Fierro was a prostitute and if it Lawrence Taylor wasn’t her last client, she wouldn’t be fake crying on Gloria Allred’s shoulder. If that client was Lawrence Jones, the police wouldn’t have done anything.

The facts are clear. Fierro told Taylor she was 19, she told police that Taylor did not harm her in any way and that she didn’t even know he was famous.

Lawrence Taylor received the proper sentence for soliciting a hooker, because that is all he did. Rapists should be in jail, the pimp should be in jail, but not Lawrence Taylor.

It was her pimp that she was afraid of and who beat her up. It should be her pimp that she should be speaking out against. It isn’t the client that takes advantage of these young girls, they don’t know these women, it is the men who are sending them out to work who is the problem.

Gloria Allred should be ashamed of herself because she is a pimp herself with caked on makeup. It is a disgusting display of exploitation of young girl (she is now 17) who has been exploited all of her life.

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  • Legal age of consent is 16-18 in the U.S. and prostitution is legal in Neveda and Australia. As long as females are legal for me to have sex with I have no disagreement with the law.

  • I personally don’t think that age should matter in this case versus any other case weather a male or female. If a young man age 14 or 16 kills someone they try them as an adult so why can’t she be an adult in this case as well. Do they pick and choose when someone is an adult and when they aren’t. I think that the law is so screwed used to be flat out 18! The law doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing..everything keeps changing they just need to keep it set for all MALE and FEMALE offenders/victims!

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