Pics: Christina Fierro The 16 Year Old Prostitute in the Lawrence Taylor Case


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“I am not a prostitute,” Fierro said. “I am a victim and I am hurting. I don’t think the sentence given to Mr. Taylor is fair.”

Miss Fierro is a victim, but it is Gloria Allred who is taking advantage of her, not Lawrence Taylor.

Lawrence Taylor is a dirty old man and his comments after his sentencing confirm that he has demons that will never go away, but there is no need to sugarcoat what is going on.

Miss Fierro was a prostitute and if it Lawrence Taylor wasn’t her last client, she wouldn’t be fake crying on Gloria Allred’s shoulder. If that client was Lawrence Jones, the police wouldn’t have done anything.

The facts are clear. Fierro told Taylor she was 19, she told police that Taylor did not harm her in any way and that she didn’t even know he was famous.

Lawrence Taylor received the proper sentence for soliciting a hooker, because that is all he did. Rapists should be in jail, the pimp should be in jail, but not Lawrence Taylor.

It was her pimp that she was afraid of and who beat her up. It should be her pimp that she should be speaking out against. It isn’t the client that takes advantage of these young girls, they don’t know these women, it is the men who are sending them out to work who is the problem.

Gloria Allred should be ashamed of herself because she is a pimp herself with caked on makeup. It is a disgusting display of exploitation of young girl (she is now 17) who has been exploited all of her life.

20 thoughts on “Pics: Christina Fierro The 16 Year Old Prostitute in the Lawrence Taylor Case

  • Damn B….Someone paid for that?

  • LT couldnt tell she was a minor?

    • Unfortunately there are a lot of 16 year old girls who look 19

      • Unfortunately, there are a lot of men that don’t care about the age of a female.

        • Unfortunately, Sylvia is jealous.

      • jesus you are truly a stupid cunt who hates women. your mother MUST have really fucked you!

    • EXACTLY PUERTO BLACK she look like she is tired, kind of the sleepy girl look,very tired face as some are made this way,but she is clearly looking as nancy grace said tonight very girl young she look my daughter age 15,between i say 14 years young to 17 Tops,which still is illegal.Other countries this is not going on,because your goin to get HANG/or fire hose or worse,as same as AMERICA is the highest with deliberate type murder! no other country but USA are at such high standard with murder deliberacy going on because in america,your going 2 kll the law is soft,lock u up and u r even allow to marry in U.S.Prison work out perfect male bod and do well in school in prison college degree,make alot of phone calls so why not.

      that is why america i ssoft on crime,this guy LT should have get jail time,but look he is home chillin tonight,probly lookin for his next victim and or sex service worker

      until law is change,and toughen this is our U.S.A. Future.sadly,

      just in america because america is soft

      on crime.


      nite all.

  • I agree..Gloria Allred is a super-pimp…..damn LT don't have but so much money and they trying to drain him dry…he should have just watched a porn flick and jerked off that night…

  • well put, well put

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